Meet the foodclic broadening city-regions.

five European and three African city regions have joined foodclic as broadening city-regions.

In addition to the eight FoodCLIC Pilot city-regions, FoodCLIC engages five European and three African city-regions to act as FoodCLIC’s Broadening city-regions to collaborate and exchange with the FoodCLIC consortium.

Through the creation of cross-learning experiences between all 16 participating (Pilot and Broadening) city-regions, we aim to increase FoodCLIC’s impact. We seek to co-adapt FoodCLIC’s approach, project outputs and learnings to different political, legal, institutional, socio-economic and cultural contexts with the support of the existing project partners and the Broadening city-regions. In this way, FoodCLIC will promote activities related to local food policy and support networks including diverse stakeholder groups.

For this purpose, the FoodCLIC consortium has chosen the following regions in Europe and Africa.

Foodclic broadening city-regions.

  • EBOLOWA, Cameroon
  • FORT PORTAL, Uganda
  • FREIBURG, Germany
  • TBILISI, Georgia
  • TIRANA, Albania
  • WROCLAW, Poland
FoodCLIC Broadening City-Regions

Knowledge sharing & network building.

During the FoodCLIC Broadening Phase, we follow a knowledge sharing approach by building a network of cooperation between city-regions and project partners.

The eight Broadening city-regions will have the opportunity to gain insights into practices that have proven successful in the FoodCLIC Living Lab pilot city-regions, and to build on lessons learned within FoodCLIC. At the same time, peer-to-peer exchanges between Living Lab pilot city-regions and Broadening city-regions will enable learning, networking, and capacity building for all participating city-regions.

The FoodCLIC project is divided into five phases. The first three of these five phases will be adapted for activities taking place in Broadening city-regions and provide a framework for city-to-city exchanges and partnerships.

We strive for sharing, dialogue and effective collaboration to enable cities to take action!

FoodCLIC is a four-year project funded by the EU. The project runs from September 2022 to February 2027. The acronym FoodCLIC stands for 'integrated urban FOOD policies – developing sustainability Co-benefits, spatial Linkages, social Inclusion and sectoral Connections to transform food systems in city-regions