Collaborative Expertise: Meet the FoodCLIC Think Tank Members

We at FoodCLIC are excited to announce the establishment of an international high-level Think Tank as part of our 4.5 year-long project. This initiative aims to ensure a comprehensive contextualisation of FoodCLIC’s goals, ambitions, activities, findings, and outputs, elevating its impact on a larger scale. Comprising professionals with extensive experience in various facets of food planning, waste reduction, sustainable agriculture, and policy advocacy, the FoodCLIC Think Tank accompanies our discourse on urban food challenges and solutions.


 Let us introduce you to the FoodCLCIC Think Tank members!


Cecilia Marocchino - Urban Planner at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

Cecilia Marocchino brings a decade of experience in urban research and planning across Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. Cecilia's expertise lies in urban food planning, focusing on informal and formal market infrastructures, street food vendors, municipal governance, and participatory planning.

Gareth Haysom - Researcher at the African Center for Cities (ACC)

With a Ph.D. and 15 years of experience, Gareth Haysom is a senior research officer at the African Centre for Cities at the University of Cape Town. Specializing in urban food systems research, he delves into the rapidly changing food systems of cities in Africa. Gareth's work utilizes food as a lens to better understand urbanization, with a focus on governance and multi-country studies.

Joy Carey - Senior Programme Officer at Global partnership on sustainable urban agriculture and food systems (RUAF)

Joy Carey, an independent Sustainable Food Systems Planning consultant, has been actively involved in sustainable food and farming since 1990. As a Senior Programme Officer at RUAF, she contributes to City Region Food Systems (CRFS) assessment methodology and indicators for tracking progress. Joy’s expertise lies in sustainable food systems planning, emphasizing resilient food plans at the city-region level.

Judith Hitchman - Joint Coordinator at RIPESS Intercontinental/Urgenci

Bringing 45 years of international experience, Judith Hitchman is a joint coordinator at RIPESS Intercontinental/Urgenci. Her focus as a food sovereignty activist involves promoting alternatives to the existing economic paradigm. Judith has played crucial roles in global food policy discussions within the UN system, representing Urgenci in various capacities.

Laura Michéle - Food Systems and Nutrition Coordinator at FIAN International

Laura Michéle coordinates FIAN International's work on Food Systems and Nutrition. Advocating for the right to adequate food and nutrition, Laura's work centres on transitioning towards people-centred food systems that foster human rights and social justice. Prior to joining FIAN in 2013, she worked as human rights advisor in Kenya and Mexico.

Luigi Tozzi - Deputy Director at the Safe Food Advocacy Europe (SAFE)

Luigi Tozzi is a biologist with over 30 years of experience in ensuring quality and safety in the agri-food sector. His expertise extends to combating food waste and supporting organic farming. He also shares his knowledge as a professor at Rome Business School and LUISS University, shaping the future of agribusiness.

Million Belay - General Coordinator at the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA)

Dr. Million Belay serves as the coordinator of Africa's Alliance for Food Sovereignty, dedicating two decades to issues like bio-cultural diversity, agroecology, and food sovereignty. With a Ph.D. in Environmental Education, Million is also a member of the International Panel of Experts on the Sustainability of Food Systems (IPES-Food).

Charlotte Flechet - Global Programme Director at Good Food for Cities Programme, Rikolto

Charlotte Flechet leads Rikolto's Good Food for Cities program, overseeing a global team of 40+ people. With a background in international relations and sustainability, she drives initiatives in urban food environments and policy advocacy. Charlotte also represents Rikolto in influential platforms like the One Planet Network's Sustainable Food Systems program.


By leveraging their collective knowledge, these experts will help convey key messages of the project to a wide array of food-related communities and initiatives globally. Through collaborative efforts, they will not only contribute to the success of FoodCLIC but also pave the way for innovative solutions that resonate across borders, advancing the cause of food sustainability. Please find more detailed introductions of our FoodCLIC Think Tank members here.

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FoodCLIC is a four-year project funded by the EU. The project runs from September 2022 to February 2027. The acronym FoodCLIC stands for 'integrated urban FOOD policies – developing sustainability Co-benefits, spatial Linkages, social Inclusion and sectoral Connections to transform food systems in city-regions