FoodCLIC Broadening Offers Opportunities for Sustainable Food Systems Transformation

With an aspiration to revolutionise food systems, FoodCLIC is extending an open invitation to African and European cities, towns, and rural centres to join its transformative initiative. Interested local / regional governments (or government departments) and institutionalised groups, such as Food Policy Councils, are invited to apply by 15 March 2024.

FoodCLIC's call is directed towards cities, city-regions, provinces, areas, towns, townships, organisations and urban or rural centres sharing a common governing body. Beyond mere participation, the project is seeking visionary leaders ready to contribute to the creation of sustainable food policies that transcend borders and make a tangible impact.

Selected participants will become part of an already existing group of eight committed city-regions: Aarhus, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest, Brasov, Lisbon, and Lucca. We at FoodCLIC foster dynamic exchanges, workshops, and events to create a network where successful experiences are shared, contributing to collaborative solutions tailored to local contexts.

As a FoodCLIC Broadening city-region, participants will receive support to establish science-policy-practice connections, fortifying local / regional food systems. Focus lies on knowledge exchange and peer-to-peer learning within a group of European and African municipalities with similar ambitions. Broadening city-regions will have the opportunity to receive support in developing strategic roadmaps, situational analyses, and clear visions to pave the way for a sustainable future. Broadening city-regions will also benefit from a dedicated travel budget for staff members (1-2 persons per city-region) to participate in in-person peer-to-peer learning activities and FoodCLIC-sponsored events. This includes engaging workshops, conferences, and collaborative dialogues, both online and offline.

FoodCLIC is looking to engage five European and three African regions. This expansion ensures the adaptability of the project's approach, outputs, and learnings to diverse political, legal, institutional, socio-economic, and cultural contexts. Participants will gain insights from successful practices observed in FoodCLIC Living Lab pilot city-regions. Peer-to-peer exchanges between pilot and Broadening city-regions will foster a community of shared knowledge, effective collaboration, and impactful actions.

With the application deadline set for March 15 2024, now is the time to seize the opportunity and be part of the FoodCLIC initiative. Apply to join the Broadening city-region initiative and become a catalyst for sustainable food systems transformation. Together, let's create a world where everyone has access to healthy, sustainably produced food!

Learn more about the FoodCLIC Broadening and the application process here.


Download the Broadening Call for Participationhere.

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FoodCLIC is a four-year project funded by the EU. The project runs from September 2022 to February 2027. The acronym FoodCLIC stands for 'integrated urban FOOD policies – developing sustainability Co-benefits, spatial Linkages, social Inclusion and sectoral Connections to transform food systems in city-regions